marketing in the metaverse

How to market in the metaverse?

First of all, let us introduce you to the metaverse; metaverse is a parallel virtual world. It is a digital world made up of different interoperable online spaces, where individuals and digital avatars can shop, exchange, travel, socialize, and associate with one another.

How can you market in the metaverse

I-MAD will make it simpler to you by clarifying these points that you should know:

  1. Take into consideration those two keys: Interaction and Perceiving.

You should perceive and watch out how your target audience would interact in this new space.

Virtual worlds through metaverse are capable of creating their own currencies and economies, like using NFTs (non-fungible tokens) for exchanging products. So, it is so important to adjust with peoples’ new behaviors and also to keep in mind that what’s happening in the metaverse should retain what is happening in the outside real life world.

  1. Create Collectibles and Sell Virtual Products by Avatars.

Most people are interested in collecting things, what about a new place where they could express their interests virtually. Marketers could benefit from this by supplying them with limited-edition items and resources that they can only collect in the metaverse. And since avatars represent people on metaverse, it is allowing companies to trade their products directly through avatars, which is called D2A market (direct to avatar).

You can enter this market by:

  • Turning your virtual good into NFT’s. Users can display and exchange virtual forms of art and property using blockchain-backed NFTs which makes the metaverse a modern marketing dimension for brands to create their digital holdings.
  • Assessment through AR, through augmented reality users can now visualizes products in real time which is considered an added value to any online business or shop.
  • Associate with platform creators, if you want a digital ownership; just coordinate with online game universes so you could be ready for the gaming experience.

Many brands had done this step like Gucci with the Gucci Garden experience on Roblox, where they collected 286,000,000 Robux from the game.

  1. Set up your own virtual immersive venue.

To build a powerful and affecting connection with your virtual customers a digital shop is necessary. You can offer tours, virtual try-ons or try-outs, and interactive 3D product exhibits. You just need to make interactive, cooperate with AR/VR designers and platforms, verify the size/quantity of your virtual business and launch it on your chosen channel.

When it comes to immersive, your virtual venue should make huge interactive live events, live concert performances and advertisement games.

Here are some examples of joining the metaverse:

  • Google Maps recorded an AR feature of their walking directions feature. This feature offers exact visual instructions and arrows that would make it easier for users to find their way to their destinations.
  • Dimension Studio esteemed a virtual production set-up that allows a user to step onto a platform, be scanned by 106 cameras, and dropped into virtual worlds to test out garments and other items. They made $6.5 million in revenues as a result of their experimentation with metaverse for fashion brands.

At the end, no one can predict how the metaverse will spread, so the sooner you begin the more opportunities you’ll benefit from. All you need is to constantly experiment in this new platform with taking into consideration your brand’s reputation and image.

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